Band and Dance Lighting

Band and Dance Lighting
We offer serveral different options for band and dancefloor lighting, but a color wash is a tasteful and fun way to bring some excitement to those area. Our lights will change to the beat of the music, which can make for a really fun night and really gets guests out on the dancefloor.  You can view a past event we did  Here>>.

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History accounts that the very first automated lighting system was used in the year 1972 in Switzerland, particularly in the Theater of Basel. This system used a punched paper tape as a controller. The said system extended upon the Mac-spot, the very first lighting system that is remote-controlled. The Mac-spot comes with a very few features, with its only capacities being tilt control and pan.
Sooner, computers were employed to control intelligent lighting, with the very first computer-controlled units being created by Morpheus Lights, Vari-Lite and others.

Advanced intelligent lighting systems are capable to instantly modify their characteristics. These systems are mostly pre-programmed into a PC program and administered unaided throughout a production. Yet, they enable for manual operation depending on some circumstances. When automated, the system’s lights are controlled with the use of a control console. This device effectively transports signals to the lights via 1 of 3 various methods such as Ethernet control, DMX and analog signals. These 3 systems are a representation of the data delivery’s history.

Intelligent or DMX lighting fixtures are constructed with various features that are geared towards offering diverse lighting options and opportunities. Some of them are as follows:
* Mechanical dimming capacities
* Several dichroic color filters that are set on a color wheel for automatic color

* 4-bladed, framing shutters (automatic)
* Steoor motors (high-speed) that have the capability to shut and open shutters to effectively make  a strobe effect
* Pattern wheels that comes with gate shutters to effectively modify the light beam’s

* Lights that are attached to a motorized yoke for better tilt and pan capabilities
*  Pivoting mirrors that have the capability to reflect the light beam along the Y and X axes.
* Most advanced intelligent lighting kits come with arc lamps as their light source.

Intelligent lighting is utilized in wide-ranging applications, usually in nightclubs, concerts and theater productions. It can also satisfy the need for instant progression of ambiance or mood in these settings. This kind of lighting is not ideal for huge outdoor events, but there are some exceptions.

Simply because the light head has the capacity to move, it does not imply that it is regarded as intelligent lighting. Several nightclubs feature movable lights, but they are not controlled independently.

Intelligent lighting will pave the way for you to make your event as grandiose as possible. Here at Brilliant Event Lighting, we offer state-of-the-art lighting systems that will live up to your expectations.

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