August 2013 - Brilliant Event Lighting

Engagement Party Luce Loft San Diego – Royal Blue Up Lights

In August, we had the opportunity to light up the night for Pa’Shana and Justin’s engagement party. The location of the venue was at the quaint Luce Loft. If you are not familiar with this venue, the Luce Loft is a beautiful vintage loft space located in the ball park district of Downtown San Diego. Luce Loft is a perfect venue for a wedding reception, corporate event, art show or birthday. You get the idea….

The couple requested royal blue up lights to create a club type atmosphere. We featured royal blue up lights against the walls on both levels to create a lighting sensation that would stimulate a fun and lively mood. When setting the lights up you could see the effect come into play immediately, even in the daytime.  In addition, we mounted some up lights to do a color splash against the front exterior of the bar to tie in the royal blue theme. Over by the DJ we set up a couple of lights on Sound Active mode, which triggers a color change per the beat of the music. As the sun set behind the cool Pacific, the Luce Loft came to life and the royal blue up lights and color splash effects came into their own.

The engagement party was a huge success and we are happy to have been part of such a beautiful occasion. To ensure this night would not be forgotten, Andrew Abouna Photography was there to capture every second of it. Andrew is highly professional and passionate about photography, which you can feel simply by talking to him.  He did a wonderful job capturing stunning moments throughout the evening. The engagement party was a huge success and we are happy to have been part  apart of such a beautiful occasion.

On behalf of Brilliant Event Lighting, congratulations Pa’Shana and Justin! We wish you the very best!

Luce Loft Wedding Lighting Luce Loft Wedding Lighting  Luce Loft Wedding Lighting Luce Loft Wedding Lighting