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Scott McBride – With over 6 years of lighting industry experience under his belt, Scott has enjoyed a long career in the event and entertainment industry working at high-end venues like Del Mar Racetrack and Harrah’s Casino. Scott has also trained with legendary commercial and film lighting expert Brent Poe, whose impressive list of movie credits includes Zoolander, Ghostbuster 2, Pirates of the Caribbean and Starsky & Hutch. Scott’s marketing and consulting experience also makes him a true asset to your event planning process.

How an Evening Visit to Our Wedding Venue Transformed My Life

For our late afternoon wedding we rented a house in Malibu, CA. The house was set on a secluded bluff about 1 mile from any other estate with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

My fiancé and I were super-excited about our approaching “Big Day”.

We were busy planning for our dream wedding. Sure, we were worried about dresses, cakes, our family and friends having a great time and all the usual concerns, but neither of us had considered one “Big Problem”.

It was just a few days before our wedding and we happened to drive by at night.

We quickly realized our dream wedding wasn’t going to be the magical event that for months we had both been envisioning!

By night, as darkness enveloped the bluff, the house and surrounding property were a far cry from the image my future wife had in mind.

I could hardly believe we had forgotten about lighting, and that our coordinator and the property owners had failed to mention this essential element!

There were so many other details we were thinking of as we planned the wedding. This “Big One” had been overlooked. Certainly the property had some lights, but not proper lighting for an outdoor wedding and reception.

All the planning we had done prior regarding table arrangements, beautiful florals, lounge areas, everything was going to be in vain if we didn’t do something about the lighting – the mood – the impressions – the memories.

And we had less than three days to turn this around!

I frantically called several companies in search of help. Most of them were not willing to take the time to explain different ideas for illuminating the house, the courtyard, the pool, the terrace……

With the urgency and importance of our situation, I had hoped for some thoughtfully crafted lighting plans. All I received were cut/dry transactional responses,

Frustrated that I had not thought of this sooner, I called my uncle who has worked in the entertainment lighting industry for 30 years – he knows moods – impressions – memories.

He could hear the panic in my voice as we discussed the wedding reception in detail, where the bar, dance floor, dinner tables and lounge areas would be, etc.

Then we studied the existing lighting at the residence.

We looked at inspirational photos my fiancé had collected and swooned over, and my uncle and I together drafted a lighting plan which provided both functional lighting to the areas that needed it and ambient lighting throughout the property.

My uncle taught me the vital skill of how not to over light the scene, in this case our wedding scene, but instead to create atmosphere and warmth and gentle light tones.

The very next day we set to work, and with the groomsmen readily available to assist, we created the vision that my future bride held so dearly.

Tears came to my eyes the moment I saw the look of wonder and complete happiness on my “now” wife’s face as I turned on the lights that my uncle and I had designed and my groomsmen had helped me install.

Thanks to my uncle and the groomsmen, the lighting was beautiful. Everyone’s faces lit up as they danced the night away. It was magical.

That was a special day not only for my marriage but for my business.

While I was shutting off the lights in the twilight of the next morning I realized here is an opportunity to help other couples who are looking for a lighting company that that truly understands and cares to take every step necessary to guarantee their wedding scene’s lighting will be personalized and perfect.

I sought to create that picture perfect dream wedding in ANY venue.

Brilliant Event Lighting was born.

And this concept, this theme of mood – impressions – memories, goes on in every lighting venue we accept as a challenge, be they weddings, business events, or family gatherings.

We are Brilliant Event Lighting. 

We care.


At Brilliant Event Lighting, we’re passionate about beautiful, whimsical and spectacular lights. We’re dedicated to bringing out the beauty, elegance and ambience of your venue by providing a world-class, awe-inspiring lighting experience for you and your guests.

You’ll be amazed at our luxurious yet affordable, comprehensive lighting services.

Brilliant Event Lighting believes in providing you with comprehensive lighting solutions that are not only beautiful and memorable, but affordable as well. As a full-service event lighting company, we work closely with you throughout every  stage of the process, from lighting consultation and design, to complete assembly, disassembly and lighting management.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. 

At Brilliant Event Lighting, we pride ourselves in providing you with top notch event lighting services that are catered to your individual needs. Our versatility and customer-centric approach truly sets us apart. Whether you need wedding lighting, special event lighting, corporate event lighting, or party lighting, we’re here to fulfill all your event lighting needs.

Our Mission.

Brilliant Event Lighting is a premier provider of professional event lighting services. Based in San Diego, California, we focus on working closely with our clients to deliver world-class lighting experiences that are beautifully memorable, affordable and tailored to their specific needs.

Who We Are.

Founded  by Scott McBride, who comes from a family of lighting experts with years of experience in the field, Brilliant Event Lighting is an industry leader in premium event lighting.


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