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If you’re seeking a unique finishing touch your wedding or event, then consider a gobo. Gobos are most commonly placed on a dancefloor or on a wall/backdrop. We use the highest quality equipment to display our gobos. To see our past gobo work, you can view images directly below.

There are two gypes of gobos. First being a monogram gobo, which is typically initials, names or logo. Second is a pattern gobo, wich includes an abstract design to display against a surface. Both look stunning in the correct application. Our service includes a custom gobo, so you if you can think it, we can make it. A dedicated team member will work closely with you on a design that captivates your guests.


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Our Gobos

Are you planning for a big event? Then you should not forget to include monogram gobo lighting in your to-prepare list as it can help you pull together the design elements of the event. A great backdrop can be made with the use of a monogram design light as it creates a focal point to the flowers, cake and décor. Initials, artsy shapes and company logo are just some of the things that can be utilized at the event you are planning. One symbol that comes with 2 or more overlapping letters or characters is called a monogram.

Most wedding monograms projections are made of 3 letters. Usually, it is put this way–the first name’s initial to the left with the initial of the last name slightly bigger in the center and the middle name’s initial to the right. For example, if the name of the individual is Jane Marie Smith, then the letters’ arrangement would be JSM.

Sometimes, couples make use of a monogram projections that consists of the 2 letters of their first name in their wedding invitation. They may also use a monogram that comes with 3 letters by adding in their shared last name’s initial. For instance, the monogram KSJ might be utilized for Kevin and Joy Smith. The etiquette of monogramming greatly varies depending on the item that it is being applied to. The first initial of the woman is used first on wedding items like linens. So, for Kevin and Joy Smith, the monogram must be JSK. When it comes to the monogram lighting, you can choose whatever you want. If you want something unique, you can use Joy & Kevin as the monogram light.

A design which you already have can also be used in creating your monogram light, or Brilliant Event Lighting can help you make the right custom monogram design. A paper copy, computer graphic, or illustration can be utilized in creating a monogram light by making use of digital vector illustration. Any picture or font idea can be used in making your custom monogram. The monogram you have selected will be utilized for the lighting, but it can also be utilized throughout the wedding décor on stuff like invitations, cake toppers and programs.

The monogram light’s location can also be decided on what really works best for the venue and for your personal preference. The monogram can also be utilized on the dance floor for a first dance. On the other hand, it can also be set to shine behind the head table. The pictures the photographer and guests take of you while you are in your seat will have a great backdrop. The monogram can also be shone upon the cake in order for it to be the center of attraction.

A monogram light can make any event more personal. This is the reason why it is the first choice of those who are celebrating their debut, mitzvah and wedding. Here at Brilliant Event Lighting, you will have a chance to get the best monogram lighting experience.

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