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Our Wireless LED Uplights

We  use the latest technology and use a wireless LED Uplight that can achieve nearly any color in the spectrum. They don’t have wires/cords, so it makes for a very neat and clean appearance. You can view our past uplight work in the images featured below. To simply explain, we ask that you send us a quick email to get an accurate price quote. Click the request estimate button below to get started.

The ADJ WiFLY Par QA5 is a rechargeable lithium battery powered compact Uplight . It offers the power of 5x 5-Watt RGBA Quad LEDs (Red, Green, Blue & Amber) to create rich hues and smooth color mixing for stage or wall washing, plus the freedom place the uplight without the restrictions of power or DMX cabling.


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Our Uplights


You can watch a short video below detailing the lights.


We offer price breaks based on quantity of uplights needed. So, send us a quick email for a price quote with how many lights you think you would be needing. As a base range, we would suggest having an Uplight every 8-12ft in a typical ballroom.

Where Can I Use Uplights?

Up lighting can turn an ordinary event to an extraordinary one. If your reception or ceremony space comes with architectural features, this type of lighting will pave the way for you to bring out the best in it. If there is one thing that is really hard to work around, it is no other than pillars. However, by up lighting them, everything will turn out easy. In order to make them part of the space, up light them with a subtle color. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a more dramatic effect, you can make use of a bold color.

The same goes with windows. Does the venue have a magnificent view? Then highlight it with the right lights on the sides of the window. Also, if the walls of the venue are a little bit bland, you can paint them with a warm amber or subtle pink glow. This can perfectly transform any bland space into a more inviting and elegant one.

Up lighting is said to be perfect for adding dimension, depth and color to wedding receptions. You might also be wondering on how up lighting highlights architectural features. Well, this can transform any lifeless and dull room into a colorful and vibrant one. Light upward from the ground adds height to the environment, brings plain surfaces to life, brightens dark corners and supports columns. When you are planning to celebrate a wedding, a mitzvah or a debut, this type of lighting is the way to go. They will not just give the venue a soothing ambiance, but impress your guests as well. However, it is important that the light colors are in harmony with each other. If not, they will become imbalanced, and thus making them not easy to the eyes.

To ensure that the venue will turn out as inviting as possible, you should also know the variety of colors that must be utilized for up lighting. With LED lighting, you can have a chance to up light the reception in colors from endless palettes. Here a Brilliant Event Lighting, we understand your needs. This is the reason why we offer the widest color and palette varieties that you can choose from. We offer gold hues and warm white colors to highlight a bright space and create drama and depth with light. With your chosen colors, everything in the venue will glow.

Up lighting can perfectly set the tone of the event. It is by far one of the most dramatic and cost-effective ways to make your event the event of the year. So, choose from our variety of up lighting colors now!

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