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Accentuate Your Venue with Wedding Lights

At your wedding you want to embrace the venue by offering décor that naturally complements and highlights specific points of interest.  Nothing does that better than wedding lights. The venue dictates which type lighting should be used, and let’s make sure it is not the other way around.  I will introduce two types of wedding lights that are certain to accentuate your venue.

We highly recommend Market Lights when you have a highlighted area of interest. Outdoor usage of these lights is the best use considering they radiate excessive light. Over the dance floor or reception tables are the most common use for the Market Lights. It’s the way they bring a sense of ambiance and transform your venue into a magical evening. The light bulbs have a warm translucent filament that glows throughout the night, reflecting off of the dance floor, windows and glassware that will make the venue come to life. Along with offering a wonderful color tone, they are a sure fire way to set your outdoor wedding on the right path.

When you have a reception indoors and you are looking to create an atmosphere that will produce an evening that you will never forget, turn to Up Lights.  These bring out the best in any indoor room by exposing those dark corners and bland walls.  Once you have added the perfect arrangement of Up Lights, this is no ordinary room. You have transformed the room into a place of enjoyment, happiness and excitement. Guests are compelled to let it all out when a room  has been tastefully accessorized with Up Lights. You can keep it traditional with a white Up Light display or if you want to keep your guests enthralled throughout the evening, you can use bright and vibrant color tones. Most couples prefer to use two colors Up Lights that alternate along the walls surrounding the venue. These are typically their themed wedding colors for the wedding.

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