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At Brilliant Event Lighting we’re passionate about beautiful, mood-provoking and spectacular lighting! We’re dedicated to bringing out the elegance, ambiance, and theme of your venue by providing a world-class, awe-inspiring lighting experience.

You’ll be amazed at our luxurious, comprehensive yet affordable service. We specialize in carefully listening to you, our client, as we design the lighting which will help your dream event come true. Call us or send a quick email to get started.

Our Creative Approach To Event Lighting

Our unique perspective of event lighting design and premium lighting equipment, combined with the ability to mesh these elements together in original and unexpected ways, enables us to create truly unforgettable environments that will surpass your expectations. We will dramatically enhance your event decor and showcase you and your guests in the most flattering fashion.

A spectrum of lights can exude the whimsical spirit in any venue, as they are simply spectacular. Here at Brilliant Event Lighting, that is our mission—to bring out the beauty and elegance of any venue through combining a world-class lighting experience with affordable professionalism.

Located in San Diego, California, we provide the best value to Californian residents through our offered professional event lighting consultation and design, complete assembly, disassembly and management services.

What sets us apart from other companies is our dedication to satisfy customers and our versatility, as we cater to different events and offers a myriad of lighting varieties such as special event lighting, corporate event lighting, wedding lighting, party lighting, and reception lighting.

Why Work With Us?

Market Lights String Lights in backyard wedding outdoors lightingTogether, this family team is bringing stage light quality lighting to the event level. Now you can have lighting special effects similar to those found in movies and high-end events at your own wedding, party or corporate event. Event lighting San Diego specialists.


Most importantly, we boast our imagination. We do believe that this is far superior to knowledge because it is limitless and knows no boundaries, thus enabling us to come up with clean, unique and stunning event lighting designs


Here at Brilliant Event Lighting, our mission is to bring out the beauty and elegance of any venue through combining a world-class lighting experience with affordable professionalism.

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